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Alain Levy

Investment Committee Board, Media

Alain moved in 1984 from CBS to PolyGram as CEO of its French operations. In 1991 he was appointed worldwide president and CEO of PolyGram. Under Alain’s tenure, PolyGram became the number one music company in the world and remained in this position until 1998 when the company was sold to Seagram.

Beginning in 1993, Levy led the company’s expansion into the worldwide movie business with the establishment of PolyGram Filmed Entertainment which produced and distributed films such as Four Weddings and a Funeral, Trainspotting, Bean, Fargo and Dead Man Walking. After leaving PolyGram in 1998, Levy consulted and made seed investments in a number of different media companies and also joined EMI Music as chairman and CEO in October 2001. Alain sits on the advisory board of Schroders Ventures in the US.