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Ideas > Prototypes > Products

We are experiencing a period of widespread experimentation in digital. From apps developed in garages, colleges, meetups & incubators to creative audio-visual projects built in opensource, there’s clearly a lot going on.

And it is being shared.

Some of this translates into digital products. Development and iteration is typically quick. The popular ones that make it from idea through prototyping and into products with users, and sometimes revenues, tend to grow quickly. Much of the time, these apps help people and companies do what they do, better. They can also be hugely entertaining and a big distraction for many. In some cases they topple antiquated governance structures by helping citizens mobilise.

We’re interested in a lot of this. And the bits in between that make it all work.

We invest in digital products, technologies and companies with strategic exit potential. This just means someone could be interested in acquiring them. Or it may become a leader, though we’re conscious that only happens rarely.

Many corporates typically acquire useful digital products & technologies, license business enhancing applications or collaborate with talented product development teams to improve their competitive positioning.

Our team and board have relationships in corporates seeking to fill their innovation pipelines through tech acquisitions. Additionally our exit board assists companies we invest in with deal making, the associated corporate packaging and ensures due diligence stacks up when a product or team has shown its worth.